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What are the Benefits of Laser Scar Removal?

June 8, 2017

1Anyone who gets acne may not get a scar. Usually, people who getbig, cystic pimplestend to get acne scars. Typically, these cysts rupture on their own or by getting popped, which causes the scar-making cells in the skin to proliferate.The good news is today there are treatments available to remove these scars or reduce them to a level which makes them less visible and enhances the appearance of a person.The most common type of scar removal these days is done with lasers.Laser scar removal is a modern technique for improving all types of scars. Whether your scars were caused by acne, a wound or a medical condition, laser treatments can help reduce the appearance of the scar. Even if the scar has extended beyond where the initial injury occurred, the built up collagen that has caused this to happen can be removed with laser procedures.
At Redefine You, we use Co2 Fractional Lasers for scar revision because it works well on nearly all scar types and give the most desirable effects.

Of course, not everyone should get laser scar removal treatment. If you have a sensitive skin already struggling with the pressure of a condition such as psoriasis, then it is not a good idea to use lasers to reduce scarring. In fact, laser scar removal treatment on sensitive skin can just make things look and feel worse. There are also certain medications that shouldn’t be mixed with laser scar treatment, therefore it is recommended that the patient discloses details of any existing medication to the doctor.

The lasers treat the scars by removing the skin layer by layer, thereby exposing fresh, healthy and finally unmarked skin below.With each session you leave the clinic with less visible scars. Co2 Fractional Lasers activates collagen cells in your skin, the building block that helps your skin heal and stay firm. This also means that getting laser treatments for scar removal can actually help your skin look, feel and actually be healthier and firmer.
This is a simple, low risk procedure that takes less than two hours to complete. Depending on the strength of the scar, more treatments may be needed.

Laser scar revision has multiple benefits:

• Safe and easy procedure suitable for all skin types
• No scarring, lesser discomfort, negligible recovery time.
• Effective on all type of scars
• Less time consuming day care process where not hospitalization is required

The time required for scar revision depends upon the position and type of scars. Some scars may disappear in 2-3 sessions whereas others might require up to 10 sessions to fade away.
The laser scar revision may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours. You may expect to experience a stingy but tolerable pain. You will be given anesthetic ointments and medicines depending on the scars that require healing.

At Redefine, you will be guided with the proper follow up schedule and skin care after laser scar revision session.

For very severe scars, your doctor may recommend getting it surgically removed or re-arranged instead. Procedures such as z-plasty or W-plasty can significantly improve the appearance of facial scars by re-orienting the scars into what are called resting skin tension lines. Your own wrinkles and facial muscles then help the re-aligned scars to heal better. This type of procedure takes a lot longer to heal and is done only done in severe cases. Note that this is a more traditional method as laser scar removal is still a relatively new technology. The type of procedure best for removing or reducing your scars is a decision to be made with your cosmetic surgeon.

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