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Waist Contouring

Waist Contouring

What is waist contouring?

A fact reduction procedures round your waists or love handles is often known as waist contouring.

Does it involve surgery?

It may or may not involve surgery or invasive technologies. This entirely depends up the area of treatment and amount of fat to be removed. Talk to your specialist to know more about the process. You can get in touch with Redefine Plastic Surgery Centre to know about waist contouring surgery in Hyderabad.

Who needs waist contouring?

This particular surgery may be opted by people, both male and female, who want to get rid of unwanted fat from some specific area of their body like waist, love handles, abdomen etc.

What are the different procedures used for waist contouring?

At Redefine, we use the proven methodologies to offer you the waist contouring surgery in Hyderabad. All our procedures are customised according to the requirements of the patient.

Is waist contouring has a permanent impact?

Waist contouring has a long lasting effect. However, it is important to maintain a proper wait to prevent re-accumulation of fat. We at Redefine, help you in every possible way to help you maintain a proper weight after your surgery.

What are the side effects of waist contouring surgery?

There is very minimal chance of having any side effects, especially if you opt for a non-invasive procedure.

What is the recovery time and how fast the result is visible?

At Redefine, most of the waist contouring surgeries is done as a day care procedure. You may leave within a few hours. However, the doctor is the best person to decide on this. The visibility of the result may vary from a couple of weeks to a few months depending upon the type of procedure and the amount of fat removed from your body.

To know more about the waist contouring in Hyderabad, call us at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair transplant centre.