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Tattoo Removal

Tatoo Removal in Hyderabad

What is Tattoo Removal?

The removal of unwanted body arts, especially with the use of lasers is called tattoo removal.

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How is the tattoo removal done?

The laser light beams break up the colour pigment of the tattoo and remove it permanently without any scarring or discomfort.

Does the process involve hopitalisation or anesthesia?

Laser Tattoo removal generally do not require the use of anesthesia. However, it mostly depends on the size, position of the tattoo, age of the patient and type of the skin he has. Tattoo removal is a day care procedure and doesn’t require hospitalization.

How many sessions are generally required for tattoo removal?

Well, again it depends on the size and position of the tattoo. A smaller tattoo requires fewer sittings while a large tattoo covering more skin area might require more sessions for a complete removal.

Does the colour of the tattoo affect the removal time?

The black tattoos can be easily removed as the black colour pigments break down easily. However, the other colours of the tattoos might require alteration in the wavelength of the laser to get removed completely.

What type of laser is used in Tattoo Removal?

At Redefine, we use NdYAG Q Switch lasers, one of the most effect lasers for tattoo removal. The NdYAG Q Switch Lasers sufficient power to remove even the darkest and oldest tattoos without any scarring or side effects.

What are the benefits of laser tattoo removal?
  • Less time consuming
  • Complete and effective tattoo removal
  • No scarring or side effects
  • A completely safe procedure with no recovery time

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