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Scar Revision

Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad

What is scar revision?

It is a medical procedure of removing scars from any area of your body. Scars are generally marks left behind by diseases, injuries or previous surgeries.  We at Redefine offer scar revision in Hyderabad.

Do scars disappear completely?

Most scars do. However, some scars might not vanish completely but they can be lightened to a great extent.

Does scar revision involve surgery?

This depends on the type of scar. Most scar revision requires no or very minimal incisive procedure. These are day care procedure and you may go home within a couple of hours.

Can a scar revision incur another scar?

No, because a plastic surgeon  focus more on the skin texture and know how to remove the existing scars without incurring a new one.

At Redefine, we offer Affordable scar revision in Hyderabad. We bring in all the proven technologies to remove scars beyond visibility.

What are the recovery time and the follow up routine after the scar removal?

Scar revision has a very minimal recovery time. You may get back to your normal life within a couple of days. The doctor might advice you an initial follow up within a week of the procedure.

You may get all your queries resolved at Redefine. Contact us to know more about the options associated with scar revision in Hyderabad.