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Scar Resurfacing

acne scars treatment in hyderabad

What type of scars can be revised using a laser?

Nearly all type of scar right from Hypertrophic scars that might have resulted from an accident or trauma, keloid scars, the reddish firm nodular scars that generally develop weeks or even years after the incident and acne scars. Laser scar removal has an answer to all types of scars.

Redefine Clinic Offers Acne Scars Treatment in Hyderabad

What types of Lasers are generally used for scar revision?

At Redefine, we use Co2 Fractional Lasers for scar revision because it works well on nearly all scar types and give the most desirable effects. However, micro needling process is also used for scar removal and skin rejuvenation. Here the collagens are stimulated by applying micro needles on the skin that reduces the visibility of the scar and make the skin appear more youthful

Do lasers remove scars completely?

In most cases it does. However, the result depends upon the type and position of the scar. The laser scar removal technique can diminish the visibility of scars to a great extent.

What are the benefits of Laser scar revision?

Laser scar revision has multiple benefits

  • Safe and easy procedure suitable for all skin types
  • No scarring, lesser discomfort, negligible recovery time.
  • Effective on all type of scars
  • Less time consuming day care process where not hospitalization is required
Can the laser treatment vanish scars completely in a single sitting?

The time required for scar revision depends upon the position and type of scars.

What to expect after a laser scar revision?

The laser scar revision may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours. You may expect to experience a stingy but tolerable pain. You will be given anesthetic ointments and medicines depending on the scars that require healing.

At Redefine, you will be guided with the proper follow up schedule and skin care after laser scar revision session.


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