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Patient Name: xxxxxxx about his Gynecomastia Procedure

April 20, 2017

Q1. Hello, xxxxxx. Thank you for doing this interview with us. Why don’t you start by saying a little bit about yourself.

Ans. Thank you for the interview. I am 22 years old and I am an engineer and planning to abroad for my masters.

Q2. Why and when did you choose to undergo gynecomastia?

Ans. I was unaware that I had a condition until I started reading online about excess fat in male chest. I did not like this excess fat but no amount of exercise or dieting could get rid of it. Ultimately, when I searched online , I realized that is a common condition for men and there is a simple surgical procedure to remove excess fat. I started my research 6 months back and finally underwent the surgery last month in March 2017

Q3. How did you choose DrHari for your surgery?

Ans. When I was searching online, I came across DrHari’s profile and I liked the reviews that other patients had given about him. I scheduled a consultation and when I met him, I felt very comfortable with DrHari. The staff and the doctor were all very cooperative and answered all my questions very patiently.

Q4. What about your family members? How did they react to you undergoing an elective surgery?

Ans. Initially, they did not understand but when I explained to them why males get extra fat in their chest because of hormone imbalance, they understood and fully supported me for surgery.

Q5. How was the day of the surgery for you?

Ans. I was a little nervous but DrHari had already explained what will happen so I was mentally prepared. The surgery lasted less than 2 hours and after that I was able to go home. Obviously, the day was filled with drowsiness because of the painkillers and anesthesia.

Q6. How was the post-operative phase, did you feel any pain?

Ans. Yes, if you ever go through surgery, you will feel a little bit pain but it was very bearable. I was on bed rest for 1 week and felt good being pampered by my mom. After that I was able to resume normal activities. 4 weeks after surgery, I was able to restart my exercises and running. I still don’t lift anything heavy on my chest and I will be soon going to consult DrHari again for my follow-up consultation.

Q7. Were you satisfied with the results of the surgery?

Ans. Yes, I am very satisfied. DrHari is a kind and thoughtful doctor and I recommend him to anyone considering undergoing the gynecomastia surgery.

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