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Lipoma Removal


What are Lipomas or Multiple Lipomas?

These are fatty lumps that grow all over the body. Also referred to as Lipomatosis, they are movable deposits of fat under the skin. This is a genetic disorder that may not directly pass on to the next generation. It has been noticed that Liapoms often skip generations.
Redefine You is one of the handful clinics that offer Lipoma Removal Surgery in Hyderabad.

Can Lipoma turn cancerous?

No, they don’t turn cancerous at any point of time. They are just soft lumps under your skin.

Are obese people prone to Lipoma?

No, even the people with normal weight are vulnerable to this disease. Neither being overweight or underweight  makes you vulnerable or safe from this ailment.

Which are the areas in your body that are more vulnerable to Lipoma?

Lipomas often found on shoulders, chests, backs and thighs. However, it may also occur of other parts of the body as well.

When should you go for Lipoma Removal Surgery?
You should opt for Lipoma Removal when


  • You are experiencing continuous pain
  • The lumps are excessively large to interfere with your movement or regular activities
  • The location of the lumps are causing discomfort
Lipoma Removal Surgery at Redefine?

The authentic procedure of Lipoma removal is based on Excision Biopsy. In this procedure an incision is made for the complete removal of the lump. However, this procedure leaves back ugly scars that are hard to get rid of. Imagine, having multiple scars resulting from multiple lipoma removal!

However, things are not the same at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center. Here we take special care to minimise the post operative scars. A minimal incision is made to remove the lumps. Even multiple lumps, close to each other, can be removed by a single incision. This results in removing multiple lipomas at a single attempt with minimum scarring.

Are there any side –effects of this procedure? What is the recovery period?

Generally, there are no side effects of multiple lipoma removal surgery.

It is a day care procedure and you do not require hospitalisation.

To know more about Lipoma Removal in Hyderabad or book an appointment, contact us today.