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Laser Treatment For Freckles

Laser Treatment Of Freckles

What are Freckles?

Light brown patches on the skin that becomes more prominent when exposed to sun. They are basically pigment depositions under the upper layer of the skin.

What is Laser Treatment for Freckles?

The Laser Treatment for Freckles targets the melanin of the skin. Some amount of the laser light is absorbed by the pigment deposits. This results in breaking down of the pigments which get exfoliated naturally after sometime.

Redefine You provides the safest and most effective Laser Treatment for Freckles in Hyderabad.

Is the result visible immediately?

Immediately after the treatment, we will notice the change in the colour of your freckles. They will start getting darker and darker till they fall off. Sometimes, you may not see them falling off but just observe them become lighter. They will become less visible after each session.

How many sessions are required?

Normally 4-5 sessions are necessary for desired result. However, it may vary depending upon the magnitude of the freckles.

How long does the effect of Laser Treatment for Freckles last?

You can see the effects last for about a year. However, people whose skin is more exposed to the sun might see the re-emergence of the freckles faster. You need to undergo a maintenance procedure at least once a year to stop the re-emergence of these spots.

Does it works for all?

Yes, this procedure works for all, provided one does not have a tanned skin.

Does the Laser Treatment of Freckles have any side effects?

There are barely any side effects, except for mild swelling or redness.

What sort of skin care regime should be followed after this procedure?

Our skin care expert at Redefine U will help you with your complete skin care plan.

To know more about the laser treatment for freckles or book an appointment, call us today.