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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

What is an Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery or Eye lift as you might call it is a surgical way to remove excess skin from the upper eye lid. This procedure also helps reducing the bagginess under the lower lid. The scientific name for this procedure is blepharoplasty. Redefine You offers the cost effect eyelid surgery in Hyderabad.

Who requires an Eyelid Surgery?

An Eyelid Surgery is usually done for the cosmetic purpose. Elderly people having loose skin on their upper eyelid, that shags and obstructs the vision, may opt for this procedure. However, this procedure DOESN’T work to repair problems like crow’s feet or dark circles.

How is an Eyelid Surgery Performed?

This procedure needs to be performed separately on both eyelids (upper and lower). The cut along the natural eye line is made to remove excess skin and fat. The incision is closed with small stitches after the procedure. The lower eyelid generally doesn’t require stitches. However, it depends upon the type of surgery performed.

Is an interrupted vision expected after an Eyelid Surgery?

Yes, to some extent.  Since, there will be stitches on the eyelids; vision might appear to be obstructed. However, things will normalise with a week’s time.

What is the recovery time for the Eyelid Surgery?

The average recovery time for this type of surgery is one to two weeks.

What are the benefits of the Eyelid Surgery?
  • Youthful eyes with clear vision
  • Easy procedure, generally done on an outpatient basis, no hospitalisation required.
  • Minimum scaring and faster recovery time; can be done along with skin resurfacing and brow lift.
What to expect after the Eyelid Surgery?
  • Swelling, blurred or double vision
  • Excessive teary eyes or sensitive towards light
  • Advice to keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping for a couple of days
  • Advice to apply cold compress on the bruises at regular intervals till they heal


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