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Earlobe Surgery

Ear Lobule Surgery

What is an Earlobe Surgery?

It is basically a reconstructive plastic surgery that helps to correct torn or split earlobes resulting from wearing heavy earrings, trauma or faulty piercing. The earlobe surgery can also be used to correct birth defects in the outer ear. However, this type of surgery cannot cure hearing problems.
Redefine You offers you the safest and easiest Ear Lobe surgery in Hyderabad. We help you to have properly shaped and proportioned earlobes to improve facial balance.

Who requires Earlobe Surgery?
Believe it or not, having excessive long earlobes kill the charm of your face. It makes you look wired and awful. You need to hide them behind your locks to avoid them from being visible. However, an earlobe surgery can help you out in this scenario.
Here are some conditions that can be treated by the procedure


  • Excessively long earlobes that may the result of ageing or may be birth deformation
  • Cut or split earlobe resulting from trauma or wearing excessively heavy earrings

How is an Earlobe Surgery Done?
  • Easy surgery without any risk or side effects
  • Minimal recovery time, you can get back to your regular activities within a couple of days.
  • Self-dissolving sutures that get dissolves automatically within few days
  • Complete recovery without scaring
  • Natural looking earlobes that can be pierced again after complete recovery
What can you expect after an Earlobe Surgery?

After you have undergone the surgery, you might experience mild pain or swelling and little scarring. Your earlobe might be bandaged to keep the stitches intact and area safe from infections. You will be advised not to put pressure on the operated area for a few days.

For more information on Earlobe Surgery in Hyderabad, contact us today.