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Earlobe Surgery in Hyderabad

According to one study- Morphometry of the adult human earlobe- Men and women above 20 years of age have average earlobe with the length of 1.97 cm to 2.01 cm. Generally, the left earlobe is shorter than the right one. Many people face some physical issues, especially effecting the appearance. This can be major when one of both earlobes is-

  • Overly long due to ageing
  • Torn or lacerated due to earring wearing
  • Irregular shape of earlobe due to congenital cleft earlobe
  • Is so thick that it sticks out a bit from the rest of the ear

This is when the surgeon would suggest for reshaping and resizing of the earlobes by doing a small surgery. Earlobe surgery, also called as Loboplasty is the method where the surgeon either reshapes or resizes the earlobe. In adults, the common reason for this surgery is Ptosis causes of aging. The complete treatment can take 15-40 minutes. We provides Earlobe Surgery in Hyderabad.

Ear Lobe Repair Cost Hyderabad

Patients who are bothered by the protruding earlobe, the surgeon would respect the skin, which can eventually shorten the size of the earlobe. In case, the crease appears in the middle of the earlobe, then the surgeon would inject Restylane or Radiesse, solving the complete problem.


Recovery from Earlobe Surgery-

We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre, provide a complete operative plan that can help in earlobe surgery. We explain our patients about the post-operative result, result time and the cost. We ask our patients to refrain from smoking for at least a few weeks. We also provide a complete list of protein food and certain medication that will help to recover soon.

We give a series of appointment post-surgery that will continue to the first year until the patient is fully recovered.

Why choose our Centre?

We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre are committed to offer complete treatment and effective Earlobe surgery. Our certified surgeons use cutting-edge medical advanced tools to get the best possible results. We also ensure that there is a high level of patient safety throughout the surgery. The Earlobe Surgery by our center is done with perfection and only after proper examining. At, we take pride in providing the best surgery and treatment for the earlobe. We emphasize more in patient’s safety and surgical results. From costing to post-surgery result, we provide complete information about the earlobe surgery.

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Who requires Earlobe Surgery?

Believe it or not, having excessive long earlobes kill the charm of your face. It makes you look wired and awful. You need to hide them behind your locks to avoid them from being visible. However, an earlobe surgery can help you out in this scenario.

Here are some conditions that can be treated by the procedure

Excessively long earlobes that may the result of ageing or may be birth deformation.

Cut or split earlobe resulting from trauma or wearing excessively heavy earrings.

How is an Earlobe Surgery Done?

  • Easy surgery without any risk or side effects
  • Minimal recovery time, you can get back to your regular activities within a couple of days.
  • Self-dissolving sutures that get dissolves automatically within few days
  • Complete recovery without scaring
  • Natural looking earlobes that can be pierced again after complete recovery

What can you expect after an Earlobe Surgery?

After you have undergone the surgery, you might experience mild pain or swelling and little scarring. Your earlobe might be bandaged to keep the stitches intact and area safe from infections. You will be advised not to put pressure on the operated area for a few days.

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