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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

What is a Dimple Creation Surgery?

A Dimple Creation Surgery or Dimpleplasty is the artificial way of creating a dimple on your cheeks.

Redefine You offers the customised dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad.

How is Dimple Creation Surgery Done?

It is done with the help of a punch biopsy method to remove some tissues from the inner cheek muscles leaving the skin intact. An absorbable suture is used to close the incision and a surgical knot is tied. This results in pulling back the skin even when the person is not smiling. After a couple of weeks when the skin starts flattening, the skin will be connected to the muscle through the internal scarring. This will create a dimple when the person smiles.

Why opt for Dimple Creation?

A dimple not only gifts you a sweet and lovable smile but it also helps to give your face a good shape. People with heavier facial structure may opt for a Dimple Creation Surgery if they want to have trimmer and an elongated facial structure.

What to expect after a Dimple Creation Surgery?

It is a day care procedure that does not require hospitalisation. It takes barely half an hour to finish. Mostly done under local anaesthesia, however in some cases general anaesthesia may be used. This procedure has no side effects or scarring.

Is the Dimple Creation permanent?

However, in some rare cases, dimples may shallow away due to the breakage of the suture. This can be rectified through an easy procedure.

Who can opt for a Dimple Creation Surgery?

Anybody, who is an adult, can opt for dimple creation. However, like all the other cosmetic surgery, you need to consult a good plastic surgeon before you opt for the procedure.

To book an appointment or to know more about Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad, contact us today.