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What is a Dermaroller?

It is device with surgical needles used for the skin pirecing process.

How are Dermarollers helpful?

A Dermaroller offers a natural skin rejuvenation therapy. It is a micro-medical skin needling process that stimulates the skin to repair itself. It is completely safe and 100% natural.

Redefine offers the Dermaroller therapy in Hyderabad for soft and younger looking skin.

Which are the conditions that are often treated by a dermaroller?
  • Dermaroller therapy can treat acne and other skin related –problems
  • It can be used on the scalp to promote hair growth
  • It is also very effective in treating stretch marks
How painful is a Dermaroller?

The every appearance of the dermaroller is very scary. However, the degree of pain mostly depends on the length of the needles required for a particular procedure and area of the body it is applied on. For example a 0.2 mm needle will cause less discomfort than a 0.5 mm needle. Again, applying dermaroller on less fleshy areas like forehead causes more discomfort than on thighs or arms.

However, numbness creams and agents are applied to reduce the discomfort level to minimum.

Can anyone use the dermaroller therapy?

Yes, it can be used by any one irrespective of gender or age. However, the user must be an adult. Children are not eligible for this treatment.  But you should refrain from the therapy if you have

  • Chronic skin disorder
  • Active skin infections
  • Eczema or Psoriasis
  • Blood clotting problem
  • Raised moles, warts or other skin inflammations
  • Open cuts, sores, blisters, sunburns on your skin
  • Poor healing or other skin malignancies
Is the dermaroller good for self-application?

It is better to seek professional consultation for a dermaroller therapy.  Self-application may invite risks like skin scarring. Moreover, only an expert can help you with pre and post therapy medications and advices.

What can you expect after dermaroller therapy?

A Dermaroller therapy is an outpatient procedure with no downtime or side effects. However, you may experience a certain amount of redness, swelling or firmness on the area. These disappear within hours. The doctor might advice you for a cold ice compress if necessary.

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