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What are the Benefits of Laser Scar Removal?

June 8, 2017

1 Anyone who gets acne may not get a scar. Usually, people who getbig, cystic pimplestend to get acne scars. Typically, these cysts rupture on their own or by getting popped, which causes the scar-making cells in the skin to proliferate.The good news is today there are treatments available to remove these scars or reduce them to a level which makes them less visible and enhances the appearance of a person.The most common type of scar removal these days is done with lasers. Laser scar removal is a modern technique for improving all types of scars. Whether your scars were caused by acne, a wound or a medical condition, laser treatments can help reduce the appearance of the scar. Even if the scar has extended beyond where the initial injury occurred, the built up collagen that has caused this to happen can be removed with laser procedures. At Redefine You, we use Co2 Fractional Lasers for scar revision because it works well on nearly all scar types and give the most desirable effects. Of course, not everyone should get laser scar removal treatment. If you have a sensitive skin already struggling with the pressure of a condition such as psoriasis, then it is not a good idea to use lasers to reduce scarring. In fact, laser scar removal trea

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April 20, 2017

As a cosmetic surgeon, I keep getting back to back questions from my patients regarding procedures. I think it is extremely important for a doctor to address all the queries put forward by a patient so that there are no doubts in the mind before one makes the final decision to undergo a procedure.

When patient comes to me with queries related to Gynecometia, they ask a series of questions. Through this blog, I will try to address some of those which will largely help the readers in getting an understanding about what they can expect before, during and after the procedure.

Where is the surgery performed?

If the clinic is equipped to handle the procedure then it can be done as an outpatient surgical procedure. If there is a medical history of a patient which may create issues during procedure or requires additional care, then it is recommended to do the procedure in a hospital. On case to case basis, we may recommend an overnight stay.

 What will I need before surgery?

You may be asked to obtain a mammogram and possibly a medical
evaluation by your family physician to ascertain your physical fitness. (few blood checks

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April 20, 2017

Anyone who wishes to undergo a Hair Transplant procedure, usually has a lot of queries in their mind before they finally decide to get the procedure done. I had gone through the same process when I was suffering from hair loss and was desperately looking for solutions to regrow my hair. Today, when I have gone through the procedure, I thought of writing my experience and address some of the frequently asked questions that come to a patient’s mind before a hair transplant procedure.

When I was dealing with a solution to my male pattern baldness, I was looking at various treatments and I came across hair transplant as a procedure, I wondered if it is a viable treatment or not. How does the treatment work and is it suitable for my hair type. As I addressed one question after another, I finally concluded that it makes sense to get the hair transplant done. In the interest of readers, I have classified my queries based on my journey.

What are the different type of methods available for Hair Transplant?

There are two different types of techniques available in the market. 1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – This was the first method of hair transplant surgery to yield natural results as each follicular unit was transplanted on

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June 13, 2016

Hair transplant does not have any side effects but there will be a certain amount of discomfort. These post-procedure discomforts generally arise after you are out of the anesthetic effect. There might be a little swelling and a feeling of tightness. You may also experience a little pain, itchiness around the area. These are quite normal symptoms that will subside within a couple of days. However, there are certain measures that you must abide by after you have undergone hair transplant. Here are some important tips about hair transplant after care.

  • Have someone to be with your after the process. The sedative effect needs some time to wear off. You can really use the help from a friend or relative who can drive you home and be with you at least for a day.
  • Most hair transplant does not require compress or bandage. However, you might have a bandage or compression if you undergo micro-grafting. There will be stitches, and you need to get them removed after a week or two if they are not the self dissolving ones.
  • For first couple of days, sleep with your head elevated. Use an extra pillow underneath your shoulder to keep the elevation proper. DO NOT pick or touch the area that has been newly grafted. Avoid touching the place even if it feels itchy. This may result in grafts being dislocated and falling off.
  • Do not take alcohol or

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June 8, 2016

The term ‘bridalplasty’ may be a little confusing for the first time listeners. However, this is the newest trend in the field of aesthetic surgery. The would-be grooms and brides are turning their eyes to cosmetic surgery to have a perfect look for the D-Day. Bridalplasty, as the name given, can include one or more than one cosmetic surgery like Rhinoplasty (nose job), breast surgeries, liposuction, tummy tuck, male breast reduction etc. Both men and women are opting for these procedures in order to have a well-contoured face and enviable figure before walking down the aisle. Great idea! Isn’t it? If it has interested you as well, keep it in mind, you need to plan for this way ahead of as you need to keep in mind about the recovery time as well. Here are some important tips for bridalplasty

  • As it is always said, cosmetic surgery aspirants should have a realistic expectation. Don’t think that aesthetic surgery can bring any revolutionary change to your appearance. Have a practical experience.
  • Consult an experienced surgeon who can help you into an informed decision making
  • Plan way ahead of your wedding so that you achieve the complete result before your d-day
  • Abide by your doctors suggestions to get better and faster results.

Pre-wedding aesthetic surgery for women

  • Rhinoplasty – A great shaped nose with make your f

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May 31, 2016

Losing weight is an achievement indeed. You need to put in a lot of effort to reduce that extra flab from your body. But weight loss can be disappointing at times, when you see loose skin hanging around your body which is nearly impossible to get rid of. It’s like winning a war but losing a battle. However there are solutions to this. Here are some very useful but easy tips that can help you to find an answer to that excess skin. Don’t lose much – Yes, you’ve got that right, don’t lose too much weight at one go. Let your body get adjusted to your weight loss regime. This will help your skin retain its elasticity and not shrink rapidly. Take the suggestion of a specialist who can guide you into a perfect weight loss plan that won’t allow your skin to lose its elasticity. Keep your skin hydrated – Drink a lot of water. At least drinking minimum 6 glasses of water is a must. If you can drink more, it’s always better. This allows your skin to remain hydrated and tight. So while you are on your weight loss spree, make sure you drink a plenty or water to prevent the lose skin. Take up weight training – Weight training at least thrice weekly helps building an extra layer of muscles underneath your skin. It is very important if you are on a strict diet. Losing fat from your body often leads to losing the layer of muscle underneath your skin. Having an extra padding of

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May 24, 2016

Is hair transplant for you? Now, find it out yourself by getting answers to these questions. Here are a set of common questions that often confuse brains of people aspiring a hair transplant. Having proper answers to these will clear out all the doubts from your mind and help you in your decision making. Now, try and answer these questions. Have you tried other methods of hair regeneration? Have they worked for your? If you have tried different methods of hair transplant like oils, medications, creams etc but they did not work, you are surely in need of a hair transplant. The shave-off does not work for you? Most men try to face their balding phase by shaving off their head. But in most cases they face a setback. Not everybody can slip into Vin Diesel attire by shaving off their head. If your bald reflection in the mirror fails to impress, you need to opt for a hair transplant. Loosing hair too early? Balding is not restricted to age anymore. It can happen anytime. Some men, especially who have a history of early balding running in their family might lose their hair even in early their 20s. If you find yourself in similar situation, where you had a series of failed alternatives along with shaving of your head, opt for a transplant immediately. Is your hair loss hampering your career? People who are in showbiz o

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May 12, 2016

As our skin ages, wrinkles seem to be unavoidable. Sometimes these fine lines appear pre-maturely, making you look more than you actually do. However, there are ways through which you may reduce your wrinkles effectively. Here are 7 very effective ways to reduce your wrinkles beyond visibility Avoid direct sunshine – Sun is the greatest enemy of your skin. It has been proven that too much exposure to sun causes wrinkles. Continuous sunbath may also cause skin cancer. Whenever you step out in the sun, have optimum protection against sun. Put on sunscreen that suits your skin type, carry an umbrella or hat and don’t forget to put on a pair of shades; your sunglasses. Get Rid Of Addictions – Smoking, Drugs or any other negative addiction not only take their toll on your health but also makes you look aged. These addictions make your skin have wrinkles. So if you want to get rid of wrinkles, get rid of addictions too. Have Enough Sleep, preferably on your back – A good night’s sleep does lots of good to your health, including your skin. 8 hours of sleep can gift you soft and younger looking skin. However, do not sleep on your sides or on your belly. Ill-positioned sleep can cause sleep lines and furrowed brows which can turn into wrinkles. Don’t Squint– If you have weak eyesight, it’s better to go for

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May 5, 2016

Being a mom marks a new era of your life. You must enjoy it to your fullest. But often women loose themselves after they have a baby. They give up their “Me Time” and spend the entire day taking care of their baby. This takes a toll on their appearance. Most women either have sagging breasts or bulky and shapeless abdomen and hips. They become completely out of shape which make them look way above their actual age. They have to compromise their looks, their choice of clothes which leads to frustration. Can you relate with the situation mentioned above? Then it is clear, that you are a good candidate for a “mommy-makeover”. The term “mommy-makeover” is the latest trend in cosmetic surgery that involves procedures like, breast augmentations or lifts, tummy tuck, waist contouring and liposuction (if required). Why a makeover and not exercise? Well, exercise is all about weight loss but after pregnancy, women generally have issues like loose skins underneath the tummy or shagging breasts that cannot be corrected with exercise alone. Moreover, there may be stretch marks; oils, creams or exercise are just not enough to get rid of these. A makeover surgery helps you get back your pre-pregnancy figure. How can a makeover surgery help? A tummy tuck will help you get rid of the excess fat deposition and the loose skin around your abdomen. A b

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May 3, 2016

Know about those streaks or stripe like marks that keep on bothering you? Yes, you are right, those are the stretch marks. Not dangerous but obviously ugly enough to make you keep them out of other’s sight. There are many reasons behind these marks; they are pregnancy, weight gain or loss, puberty. Any factor that makes your skin stretch to that extent when the dermal collagen of your skin gets ruptured,may be behind these ugly marks. Pregnancy Stretch Marks Becoming a mom brings a lot of happiness in a woman’s life. But it also brings some ugly marks alongside, that can mull your happiness to some extent. Stretch Marks – the greatest fear of a woman during her pregnancy. Creams and oils are of no great help. These marks are to some extent unavoidable during pregnancy. They give you another good reason to slip into covered dresses and stay away from those that might reveal your tummy. They are just never meant to go. Weight-Related Stretch Marks Alteration in your weight may give you stretch marks as well. These marks are not only restricted to women. Even men who are into bodybuilding or rigorous physical exercise may see stretch marks visible on their shoulders, back, thighs or other areas of their body. Puberty Related Stretch Marks Puberty is all about growth and development. Our body grows during puberty often leadin

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