Case Study 1: Buffalo Hump

The patient was from Mumbai, she was suffering from a buffalo hump at the back of her neck. She suffered a lot due to it. She was just devastated, not only physically but mentally as well. The hump made her look weird and so she wasn’t accepted anywhere, even among her closest relatives.

She visited a numerous hospitals in Mumbai but most of them told her that she should accept prominent post-operative scars even if the hump is gone. Moreover, he fees was beyond her reach.

She came to Redefine You, with lots of hope and we tried our to relieve her of her problem. The hump was reduced without any prominent scarring. She was a happy patient and he were happier as we made her happy.

buffelo treatment before & after


Case Study 2 : Gynecomastia

The patient was a young college-goer who was very embarrassed of his ‘man boobs’. He shied off from trendy slim fit T-shirts or get into his swim wears. He was even embarrassed to wear his traditional outfit which involved revealing his bare body.

He approached us and opted for ‘man-boob’ removal surgery. Within a few hours he was free from all his embarrassments. Now he wears whatever he likes and proudly joins his friends for swimming trips.

Male Breast Reduction before & after


Case Study 3 : Multiple Lipomatosis

The patient was a 40 years old gentleman having multiple fatty lumps all over his hands. He was troubled by these swellings for 5 years, which were now growing in size, making things yet more difficult and uncomfortable for him. He visited Redefine You and we managed to remove these lipomas from both his hands. 45 lipomas were removed in one session with negligible scarring. It was entirely a day-care procedure and the patients left immediately after it was over. At the end of the day, we could say that the procedure was a successful one. We have added one more name in the list of our happy patients.

Lipoma Removal Treatment Hyderabad

Case Study 4: Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty in hyderabadThe patient was a teenager from Dubai. She was very disappointed with the structure of her nose. It made her face look unpleasant. She was often made fun of by her friends. The situation became worst when she refused to step out of her house and went into depression.

She came to Redefine U Plastic Surgery Center for a Rhinoplasty. After the surgery the shape of her nose has changed completely, making her face have a lovely appearance. She was elated to see her new look. Her new nose has not only added to her looks but also to her confidence.