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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock-Augmentation in Hyderabad

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Surgical enhancement of the buttocks to make them appear fuller, firm and shapely is known as buttock augmentation

Redefine You Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Center offers the buttock augmentation in Hyderabad.

How to tell whether you need a buttock augmentation?

You can decide on a buttock augmentation if you have

  • Very small or under develop buttocks or hip area
  • Sunken buttocks that appears to be flat
  • Deformed of shapeless buttocks that fails to define your posture or makes sitting uncomfortable for you.
Who are good candidates for buttock augmentation surgery?
  • People with good overall health, free from any chronic ailments
  • Non-smokers and non-drinkers
  • Committed to healthy living, regular exercise and balanced diet
Who are good candidates for buttock augmentation surgery?

Both men and women can opt for this surgery. Get in touch with us to know about your chances of having a well-toned back. We at Redefine You can provide you the buttock augmentation surgery in Hyderabad.

What are the visible benefits of buttock augmentation?
  • Well contoured and sculpted buttocks lending proper shape to your body
  • Firmer and younger looking hips, butts and thighs
  • The procedure requires minimum time, has no side-effects and very nominal recovery period
How long the result last?

We at Redefine You, come up with the buttock augmentation in Hyderabad. If you are committed enough to a good and healthy lifestyle the result can last lifetime.

How is the procedure done?

At Redefine You, we customise the process according to your requirement. It is a normal day care process, where you can leave the hospital once process is over. However, the doctor is the person to come to a decision here.

There are two types of buttock augmentations. One is done through fat transfer, where fat is extracted from other portion of your body, sterilized and injected in your buttock area. This is mostly done for the people who have a relatively good health but does not have proportioned buttocks.

The second type of buttock augmentation is done with the help of implants. This is generally recommended for those who have a very lean stature and does not have any flabby area in their body from where fat can be extracted. In these cases, silicone implants are surgically implanted under the upper layer of skin to make the buttocks appear fuller and firmer

What are the side effects and recovery period for buttock augmentation?

There are generally no side effects of this procedure. However, you might expect to have a sterile covering on the operated area for a few days. You might also need to wear a compressive garment to enhance natural skin tightening.

The recovery period entirely depends upon the surgery you have undergone and the post-operative care might need after it. You doctor will guide you into everything.

Call us to know more about the buttock augmentation in Hyderabad or book an appointment