Brow Lift in Hyderabad

Brow Lift in Hyderabad

What is a Brow Lift?

It is a procedure to correct sagging and dropping eyebrows, forehead and upper eyelids. This procedure reduces the wrinkles formed on the bridge of the nose, evens outs the frown lines and the thought lines formed horizontally across your forehead. A Brow Lift is often done along with the Face Lift procedure. Redefine You offers the Brow Lift in Hyderabad.

How is the Brow Lift done?

There are different methods to perform a Brow Lift like the Traditional Brow Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift etc. However, this basic idea of a Brow Lift is to lift up the skin around your temple till your hair line to secure some tissues. Once done, the skin is stretched to close the incisions along your hairline for the minimum visibility of the scars.

What are the benefits of a Brow Lift?

Some of the benefits of a Brow Lift are

  • Younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Minimum visible scarring, side-effects and long –lasting results
  • Safe procedure, done on an outpatient basis, generally requires a couple of hours to complete. However, the time may vary depending upon the type of the surgery.

Who are eligible for a Brow Lift?

Healthy adults from both genders, having good overall health are good candidates for Brow Lift. However, the person must have good skin elasticity and should be a non-smoker or be able to avoid smoking throughout the entire span.

What to expect after the procedure?

Some amount of discomfort like swelling, itching and mild pain is normal. These generally subside within a couple of days. Brow Lift involves minimum visible scars as most of the scars are masked along the hair line or within facial folds.

How long the result lasts? Can the procedure be repeated?

The effect of a Brow Lift surgery remains for nearly 10-15 years. You may opt for another Brow Lift if you feel it necessary. However, before you decide on it, it is mandatory to consult with your doctor.

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