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Arm lift

Arm Lift

What is Arm lift?

It is a surgical procedure to removing the sagging skin from your arms. This procedure is also known as brachioplasty.
We, at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Center offer the Affordable, less time consuming and reasonably priced surgery for arm lift in Hyderabad.

Who can undergo an arm lift surgery?

A person, who is overall healthy, has maintained a stable weight for about one year, doesn’t smoke or haven’t been smoking for a considerable time period are eligible for an arm lift surgery.

How is an arm lift performed?
The sagging upper arm skin that is some time referred to as bat wing is operated out to make your arm have a firmer and youthful look. This process involves excision (removal by cutting) of the excess upper arm skin and liposuction.
How long does the procedure take?

However, the time may vary depending upon the type of the surgery involved and the amount of excess skin or fat that needs to be removed.

Is the procedure painful?
You may experience a certain amount of discomfort but to a tolerable extent. You shall be prescribed with pain medicines for few days after the surgery.
Is scarring associated with this procedure?
Yes, like any other invasive body contouring procedure, arm lift surgery also involves some amount of scarring. The scar is made on the inner arms from elbow to arm pit, to reduce visibility. However, at Redefine, we offer you with post operative treatments for fast healing of scars.
How long does the scar take to heal completely?
However, the result may vary depending upon the type of surgery.
When can I return to my normal life after an arm lift surgery?

You can return to your regular chores after the scar heals completely. However, before you get back to your regular regime, you must have a follow up consultation with the doctor.

Still having queries? Ask the specialist, Dr. Hari Kiran, one of the Experienced plastic surgeons in Hyderabad. You may also contact the clinic directly to know about arm lift in Hyderabad.