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Acne Surgery

Acne Surgery

What is Acne?

Acne is a very common skin problem which is characterised by red pimples on skin, especially on the face. Though acne is a very common skin problem that is often curable with medicines, some critical cases might need certain amount of surgery as well.

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What causes Acne?

We have oil glands under our skin that creates sebum. These glands are attached with the pores on our skin through small canals called follicles. The oil, dead skin cells are excreted out through these follicles. Sometime this passage gets clogged and a pimple is formed.

Who are more prone to Acne?

Anybody can have acne at any age. However, acne is more prevalent in teenagers or younger adults.

What causes Acne?

There can be numerous factors that may result in the clogged skin pores. Some of them are

  • Hormone changes during teen or pregnancy
  • Greasy makeup
  • Heredity
  • Starting or stopping birth control pills
  • Some particular types of medicines
What is Acne Surgery?

An Acne Surgery is a clinical way to manage your acne related problem. Acne Surgery helps to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads and clear clogged pores to reduce the further outbreak of acne.

What are the benefits of Acne Surgery?
  • An outpatient surgery that requires minimum time and no hospitalisation
  • No side effects, scarring or massive discomfort
  • Fast recovery time and visible results

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